10 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Picnic

With the summer approaching rings the picnic bells. A simple meal with your loved ones around can create a joyous atmosphere that surpasses any expensive mean at a fine-dine restaurant. We should all get in touch with nature every once in a while to refresh ourselves from our chaotic busy city-life.

Well, the idea of having a day out sounds fascinating indeed. However, a slight mishap can ruin the entire fun and turn into an utter disaster. To ensure that your picnic day is fun-filled and amazing, we have come up with 10 tips for the perfect outdoor picnic. Let’s have a look.

Choose the Destination

We tend to generalize parks as the only picnic spot out there. Well, there are many other fun destinations where you can spend a lovely day out with your favorite people around you. You can always go for a hike somewhere far away from the city, your backyard or even the balcony. What matters the most is to enjoy the day to the fullest leaving all your worries behind.

Simple Meal is the Key

Picnic Meals should be simple and hassle-free. Plan beforehand that what sort of foods will be the best that everyone will enjoy. Sandwiches are a classic picnic staple, however, you can also carry other lightweight foods according to the taste of your company. A bag of chips, fresh baked cookies, and ice cool soda will definitely make the picnic day more enjoyable.

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Keep it Lightweight

A picnic meal should be simple and easy to carry. Make sure they’re easy to transport to the destination. Some picnic spots are away from locality so you might need a long walk to reach the spot. Also, avoid carrying heavy utensils as they add up weight. Carry paper cups and plates so that you can easily dispose of them after using while keeping things lightweight.

Some No-Nos

Food like ice creams, puddings, and cakes are a no-no for picnic days. They’re hard to transport and extremely fragile. So, there’s a high possibility that they’ll break before you reach the spot. Also, due to their high sugar content, wasps and ants will be easily attracted which you surely want to avoid on a fun picnic day.

Stay Hydrated

With the rising summer heat, it’s important to stay hydrated all the time. Make sure you pack a variety of drink so that everyone can have one that they prefer. Having some seasonal fruit drinks, sodas, and lemonades will do the trick. You can also take a bottle of wine to relax and enjoy your moments in the sun. However, don’t forget the bottle-opener though!

Make sure that the drinks are chilly. In the scorching heat of summer, a hot drink in nothing but a nightmare. Try to take reusable round ice cubes as that will help the drinks to stay chilly and refrain it from watering down.

Seating is essential

Often times we don’t the seating arrangements into concern as much as the food, transportation, and other essentials. Having a proper seating arrangement is an important factor in having a nice fun picnic day out. You can carry any tablecloth of your choice as that’s one of the picnic day staples. You can have some additional mats for people to sit on or to keep the food. You can also carry waterproof blankets to make the seating space comfier.

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Some Fun Games to Spice up the Day

Playing some fun games with your dear ones while eating delicious foods and enjoying summer breeze will jazz up the fun of a picnic day to a great extent. A picnic without games will be quite mundane and boring. Pack a deck of cards, balls, and a frisbee to keep everyone occupied and engaged. You can also arrange a quiz or dumb charades and make sure the winner gets a prize as that will take the height of the fun to a great extent.

Little Music too!

A picnic day will not be complete without your favorite music playing around. Carry small portable speaker so that you can play your favorite music on it. However, don’t stick to your own favorite music only, take everyone preference and play according to everyone’s requirement. Also, don’t rise up the volume to a very high range as that might be bothersome other picnickers around you.

Outdoor Shelter is Very Important

Summertime quite unpredictable and the weather keeps on changing constantly. Even if we do check the weather forecast before planning the day out, often times the mother-nature does her thing and changes her look in a fraction of a second. It might be a bright sunny day at one moment and the next thing you know is rain pouring dour with the heavy wind all around you.

Having an outdoor shelter is very important for a picnic. If your picnic destination is an area where the weather is quite unpredictable then it’s better to have some precautions around to ensure that your day out isn’t ruined due to rain or wind.

A pop-up canopy or a pop-up tent come extremely handy in situations like these. These are also handy if the heat from the sun is unbearable as they’ll keep you shaded from both rain and the sun.

Clean the Mess

You had a fun day out with some delicious food and around your favorite people. Before you leave to make sure that you clean the place properly and pick up all the trashes and garbage. Do not leave your leftovers or toss out plastics around the spot. Take a garbage bag with you so that you can bring the trashes back and dump them in the dumpster on your way back home.

Wrapping Up

Our lives grow busier every day but taking a little time out of it to enjoy some moment with our dear ones will definitely make the relationships healthier and stronger. Having a picnic day outdoor will not only refresh your mind but it’ll also strengthen the bond with people. Hope these 10 tips will help you have a perfect and fun picnic outdoor to the fullest.

Happy Picnicking!

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