Top 10 Best Beach Tent for Summer- Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

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Have you noticed how hot it gets in summer nowadays? You may be fond of summer nevertheless but you will not be pleased with what sun does to your skin. If you have been aware lately, you would have noticed how even your phone alerts you of UV rays. It tells you to wear sunscreen and what not to avoid too much contact with the sun.

So, the bottom line is, no matter how much you like summer, global warming is catching up and playing in the sun is quite harmful. However, that in no way decreases your love for the beach, does it? And, it should not be an obstacle to good times when mankind has come this far with all the convenient inventions.

Beach tent is one such invention that will surely tackle the crisis at hand. Except for the time you spend having fun in the water, beach tents protect you from the sun when you are not. You can just sit with your friends under the tent’s shade and still have a great time. In order to help you find the best beach tent for yourself, we are here with our top 10 beach tent reviews for 2021.

If you keep reading, you will know about the best features the top 10 best beach tents will offer you, the ones they don't and how they may help.

Editor Choice

Spacious tent that easily fits 2-3 people. Easy to set up, nice and lightweight when carrying.

Top Pick

Excellent design and construction quality. Lightweight and sturdy. Perfect for days at the beach!

Best Value

Easy to set up and take down, nice amount of space to get things out of the sand. excellent Value of money.


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Is the beach you go to a crowded one? Do you have to claim your territory with your beach tent as fast as possible? Then, the Pacific Breeze Easy Up tent should make the task as easy as possible for you. Firstly of all, you can reach the beach from your house or car really fast with this lightweight tent. You can even carry it quite comfortably as it folds to a dimension of 40 L x 5 W x 5 H and weighs around 4.45 pounds!

Then, when you spot the perfect place to set it up, you will be able to do it within a minute. All you have to do is extend and stretch the poles and fasten them with strings so they stay in place. There are no separate poles to manually install. Extend the pole until you hear a clicking sound. It also has sand pockets and stakes to keep it from flying away during winds.

When set, it gives you ample space to sit and keep your personal items with its dimension of 87 L x 47 H x 49 D. Moreover, it’s made from breathable polyester which keeps it quite ventilated. Apparently, this is the best beach shelter from the sun with a UPF of 50+.

What We Liked

  • Sturdy and lightweight fibreglass frame
  • Water-resistant
  • Very easy to set up
  • 1-year warranty
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Easy to carry

What Didn't We Like

  • Open front without any zips
  • May appear quite small for big people

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You do not want to spend too long setting up your tent and getting yourself prepared for the beach. Fortunately, the Lightspeed Cabana Beach Tent does not let you either. It’s quite easy to carry with just a weight of 6.1 lbs and its oversized carry bag.

Once, you reach your spot, just take it out, and with the help of its compressed hub system, set it up with almost no effort at all. Moreover, it will remain quite stable with its 8.5 mm thick fibreglass poles. Apparently, two adults, one child and all your belongings can fit easily in its 8' W x 4.5' D x 4' H plus a 4' porch of space.

The complete polyester construction with three mesh windows to keep it ventilated makes this the best beach cabana. Moreover, it’s waterproof similar to your umbrella and protects you from the sun with a UPF of 50+. Lastly, the sand pockets and eight heavy-duty plastic stakes will keep it from flying away.

What We Liked

  • Easy to carry and transport with its carry back and lightweight
  • Reliable stakes and sand pockets
  • Heavy-duty stakes make it quite stable
  • Well-ventilated
  • Water-resistant
  • Well-built with Polyester and thick fibreglass poles.

What Didn't We Like

  • The front does not close completely to give enough privacy
  • It does not have the best resistance to wind

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The worst experience on a beach except for drowning is probably using the public restroom for changing. Now, it would be a shame if you had to do that even with a beach tent. Therefore, the Coleman DayTripper saves you the trouble by providing you with the privacy with its zippered doors. This makes it the best beach tent for a family as your kid can easily take a nap inside and you can safely change inside.

Setting the best beach shade up requires a bit more effort than setting up pop-up ones. But, once you are done with setting up the poles manually, it gets easy. It will apparently take about 10 minutes but it’s completely worth it.

Moreover, the ground stakes keep it stable and from flying away in wind. It not only has a zip-able window at the back for ventilation but also a dry line to hang wet clothes. In fact, the 7.5’ by 4.5’ beach tent provides room for everything with its four hanging pockets including you. Lastly, the floor mat resists the water and the shade gives a protection of SPF 50+.

What We Liked

  • Zippered doors for added privacy
  • Four pockets for storing everything
  • Sturdy and stable build
  • Well-ventilated
  • Protection from the sun
  • Includes a floor mat, carry bag and a hanging line for clothes
  • Easy to transport.

What Didn't We Like

  • Wind-resistance not strong enough
  • A bit hard to set up

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If you have more company or a family that takes up quite some space, this is the best beach sun shade for you. Not only does it provide you with a spacious 95 L x 52 H x 51 D for 3-4 people to settle in but is also very easy to set up.

Apparently, it is the best pop up beach tent for which all you have to do is stretch until it clicks to set up. Therefore, even with so many people, you will feel no rush. Moreover, the five sand pockets and the four stakes keep it stable during winds.

Apart from that it is made of breathable polyester and has three X-large windows for ventilation. It keeps the harmful UV rays out with an SPF of 50+ and is also water-repellant.

Apart from that, you can easily carry it to and from the beach with its lightweight of around 7 pounds and compact folded size of 38 L x 6 W x 6 H. Moreover, this tent can accommodate all of your belongings in its various internal pockets and on its hooks.

What We Liked

  • Durable with its lightweight fibreglass frame
  • Spacious enough for 4 adults
  • 1–year warranty
  • Zip able front closure for privacy
  • Great wind resistance
  • Easy to carry
  • Well-ventilated and good quality construction

What Didn't We Like

  • The carry bag could be a bit more spacious

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If you are looking for an easy tent that can keep up with your high-speed plans, then this is the tent for you. This tent pops up and folds down in a matter of seconds, which is ideal for beach lovers because, let’s face it, you want to have as long as possible enjoying the beach by spending less time setting up your equipment. 

With 360 degrees ventilation and a super spacious interior, you can fit between three to four people in the tent comfortably. Not only is this tent going to protect you from the sun with its SPF 50 protection, but it will keep you dry and safe from rainfall. 

What We Liked

  • Very stable
  • Good ventilation
  • It fits three adults or two adults and two children comfortably
  • Stylish
  • It only takes a few seconds to set up

What Didn't We Like

  • Hard to get it back into the small bag
  • Not suitable for windy weather
  • Hard to fold  

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If you want to spot your tent among a hundred others easily, this is the best beach shade tent for you. Not only does it have a unique shape, it also has a color that’s so sober and loud that it will make you feel classy.

Apart from that, it offers everything beach tents do at its best. You can easily fit two adults and a child or pet alongside all necessities in it. In fact, the PE floor gives 82" W x 47" D x 50" H plus a 43" front porch for you all to settle in. It’s not as easy as a pop-up beach tent to set up but it has step-by-step manual attached to it inside.

You can, in fact, set it up in a few minutes. Moreover, it offers great protection from the sun with its 185T polyester coated UPF50+ build. Apart from that, it has three-sided mesh windows to keep you cool. The guy lines and pegs included keep it very stable in wind.

Moreover, the Velcro sandbag is not only convenient for stability but for shaking the sand loose for packing as well. The four internal mesh pockets let you store everything you need in it.

What We Liked

  • The extended zippered groundsheet has a dual purpose as a porch and a door for privacy
  • Weighs only 5 pounds and is very compact to carry
  • Sufficient ventilation
  • Stays firm during wind
  • Quality materials used to provide great build and protection.

What Didn't We Like

  • Packing it back can get troublesome

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This basically has the same construction as the previous beach tent we reviewed but in bigger and better form. Firstly, Easthills has used the same 185T polyester to construct it that gives a helluva great SPF 50+ protection from the sun. It is also not a pop-up tent but an easy to set up one.

In order to make the task even easier, the set-up manual is sewed right on it. All you have to do is untie, unfold, lift and pull. When setting up it gives room to four adults with its 99" W x 53" D x 57" H plus a 53" front porch. Even tall people can comfortably enjoy the beach from it.

Apart from that, the three-sided roll-up windows keep enough air flowing in and out. To top it all, the front porch extension can be zipped as a door for privacy. Being so generously spacious, it is nevertheless very lightweight (8 pounds) and compact to fold and carry.

Lastly, the four guy lines, ten plastic stakes, easy out sand pocket and the pegs make it the best beach tent for wind. Because wind is totally not an issue for it.

What We Liked

  • Very stable even in wind
  • Well-ventilated
  • Water-repellant
  • Spacious enough for four people and necessities
  • The extended porch can be used as a door for privacy
  • SPF 50+ sun protection
  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to set up
  • 1-year warranty

What Didn't We Like

  • Folding it back into its carry bag can be difficult

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In case you think that you need a beach tent but it will reduce the natural view you would have enjoyed without it, this beach tent is here to rescue you from the dilemma. This tent apparently has a durable build in the shape of a half dome with a front overhang. What will let you enjoy both the beach air and your surrounding view is the three large mesh windows that provide you with 360-degree visibility.

There, no more dilemma. You can set it up in no time with its easy up and down patented side pull hub system. It also provides great protection against the sun with its UPF 50+ coating. Moreover, it is repellant to water with its durable poly oxford floor umbrella rated 600mm PU coating for wet conditions. It will not even fly away during winds because of its 8.5mm fibreglass poles.

Apart from that, the large stakes, sand pockets and guy lines also keep it firm. Moreover, it is quite lightweight and compact to carry. Lastly, as the name suggests, it gives you enough privacy with its front porch extension which can be clipped as a door.

What We Liked

  • Front porch extension can be clipped as a door for privacy
  • SPF 50+ protection from the sun
  • Water-repellant
  • Stakes, sandbag and guy lines keep it firm against the wind
  • Easy to carry
  • Three mesh windows for 360-degree view and ventilation

What Didn't We Like

  • Some customers complained about the poles breaking too soon
  • A bit difficult to set up

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This is another one of the best beach tents that let you enjoy the view and the beach air to the fullest while in protection from the sun. The easy up and down hub system with pre-threaded poles does make it quite easy to set up.

After set-up, it will provide you with a wide space of 8' x 8' x 5' sun-protection and 5 feet height in the centre. You can not only fit four people but also all your accessories. In fact, it has four side pockets to store your belongings. The umbrella rated 450mm PU coating for wet conditions keeps you safe in rainy weather as well not just the beach water.

Moreover, it gives ample protection during winds with all its sand pockets, stakes and guy lines ready in defence. When folded, it takes a compact size of 50" x 5' and weighs only 7 pounds so you can carry it anywhere easily.

What We Liked

  • Very Spacious
  • Ample protection from the sun
  • Enough stakes, guy lines and sand pockets for protection against wind
  • Easy set-up
  • 1-year warranty
  • Includes an easy to carry oversized bag with shoulder straps

What Didn't We Like

  • Materials used are not durable enough
  • Does not have the greatest quality build

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This is another beach tent that will stand out from others with its looks for you. It does not only have a lively colour but also a wonderful design. Apparently, you can set it up easily in seconds with its automatic patented pop-up system. Moreover, carrying it is also not a big deal with its weight at only 4 pounds and fold size of 32” X 5”.

When set-up you will enjoy a protected area of 92" x 45" x 45" where four of you can comfortably enjoy the beach. In fact, it protects you from both the sun and rain with its Umbrella rated 3000mm PU coating by newest breathable 210T polyester and anti 99% harmful UV.

The floor is quite durable with a 150D PE construction. Apart from all that, in case the wind gains speed, the 8.5 mm thick fibreglass poles combined with the stakes, sandbags and guy lines protect you form it too. Moreover, it does not make you feel suffocated. Apparently, it has two windows for maximum ventilation.

What We Liked

  • Great looks
  • Very durable build with polyester, fibreglass, etc
  • Water-proof
  • Includes 6 sand pockets, 8 steel stakes, 4 guylines and one storage pouch for added stability during winds
  • Two windows for ventilation
  • Great protection from the sun
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight and compact to carry.

What Didn't We Like

  • Many customers complained of it being too small for four people.

things to consider before buying beach tent

Since the beach tent will be the only thing between you and nature, similar to primitive times, you have to choose it quite carefully. So, here are few factors you should keep in mind while buying a beach tent.

The Type:

All of them may look or sound similar but you will be surprised to know that there are four kinds of beach tents.The first is the Canopy Beach Tent. If you are looking for a tent for a beach party, these are the ones you need. They are more spacious than others and have a really simple design.

Apparently, they just provide a basic shelter or shade and accommodate lots of people under it.The second one is the Baby Beach Tent. In fact, this is the exact opposite of cabana tents. These are the smallest in size and are made from high-quality materials that provide comfortable napping space for babies.

So, you can just keep your little angel protected from the weather and all other adversities in this sweet little tent.Third, comes the Cabana Tent. If you are planning to just hang out with your family then this is the tent you need. In fact, it is spacious enough to shelter a family and contains enough pockets for accommodating all the necessities.

Moreover, it provides its habitats with the best and wide view of the beach, all the time protecting you from the sun and everything else.Lastly, we have the pop-up tents. As the name suggests, it has nothing to do with space but set-up.

If you are impatient about getting done with all the set-up which everyone usually is, this is the tent for you. You do not have to do much manually except pop the tent up like an umbrella and just a few other measures to keep it from flying away.

The Construction Material:

Before you buy the type of tent you want, make sure you buy one of high-quality. You definitely do not want the tent to tear up due to the wind. Usually, beach tents are made of polyurethane but if any other material seems durable, go for it.

Apart from that, poles are what keeps the tent in shape. As you do not want the tent to fall on your face while you are inside it, make sure the pole is sturdy and of high-quality. It should have the perfect sufficient capability without breaking and should be sturdy as well. Generally, fibreglass poles are the best kind.

Stakes and Sand Pouches:

You never know when there will be a gust of wind to carry your tent away over your head. However, the perfect tent should not consider windy situations an issue. When you buy one, make sure that it has enough stakes to which you can attach it to the ground. Moreover, it should also come with a sand pouch so that you can put enough weight on the tent to keep it in place. You can also choose a tent with sand pouches that are easy to clean after usage.


The tent should definitely keep everything dry. You neither want your accessories to get wet nor do you want yourself to get wet inside the tent. So, it should have a shade that can keep rainwater out and also a floor mat that keeps the sea water out. Because seawater is sneaky enough to sneak into your tent from time to time.


You definitely do not want half of your or someone else’s body outside the tent, under the sun. So, choose a tent that fits the number of people you plan to fit. In fact, choose a bigger one. Moreover, you should also consider the floor mat. It should not only be spacious enough but should also be waterproof.


You do not want to suffocate inside your tent to be protected from the sun. Therefore, look for a tent that has windows or other mechanisms to keep the inside ventilated.


One of the reasons for buying a tent is to keep your things in place. Therefore, check the number of pockets the tent offers and calculate if it’s enough for your accessories.


You might want to change or take a nap or even leave your accessories inside your tent for a while. Apparently, a door will give you the privacy. But, not all tents come with a zip-able door. Therefore, do not buy a door-less one if you need the privacy.

Beach is a fun place to be and it will be unpleasant to get sick for spending time in it. The reason for discomfort and sickness is generally the intense sunlight and its heat. Apparently, a beach tent not only protects you from the sun but the overall weather and gives you the privacy and space you need. In order to buy the beach tent from the myriads available, you have to be very careful while buying one. And, our best beach tent 2021 reviews should help you get familiar with the qualities that you may need. So, turn up your spider-senses, choose and buy.

Types of Beach Tents

Beaches may be a lot of fun, but not when you are exposed to those burning sun’s rays and heat. This is where tents come along, to provide you the coolness and shade while you enjoy the sun at the same time. While tents can be heavy and made of materials that might make you feel even stuffy once inside, beach tents, on the other hand, are made in such a way that they are light and easy to set up. There are different kinds of beach tents, ranging from a canopy, to cabana, to pop up tents and so on. If you're confused about which one you should go for, then simply read on to know more.

Beach Umbrellas

Beach umbrellas are the perfect solution for individuals or for occasional use. Since they’re smaller, they are also easier to carry and also cost the least when it comes to beach tents or shades. Tents, on the other hand, offer more shade compared to an umbrella and are the perfect for families with little children as they provide maximum protection from the sun or rain and also allows enough privacy.

Canopies Tents

Canopies tents are usually very large and can accommodate more people. They also take up a lot of floor space and are ideal for beach parties or barbecues. Besides that, they are also comparatively a lot taller than tents, which means that besides sitting, you can also stand comfortably in the shade. It is also possible to fit in other fixtures in some of them, such as camping chairs and the like.

Cabana Beach Tents

Cabana Beach Tents are also a favorite among families since they are very spacious, have plenty of pockets. These tents also protect the entire family from the harmful rays of the sun since they’re installed with an additional anti-UV ray protection system. With zippers to lock up the tent when needed, you can also transform this into a stall to change into your bathing suit!

Pop up Tents

Pop up tents are the easiest to set up, given that all you need to do is take them out of the package or bag and let the tents unfurl on their own. With a little adjusting and clicking of locks, you can easily have a tent ready in under minutes. With a super flexible frame and stability poles, it is possible to carry such a huge pop-up tent in a very small tent bag when traveling. This is ideal for those of us who can't be bothered to set up a tent every single time or drag a heavy tent all the way.

Baby Beach Tents

Babies have the most sensitive skin, and exposing them to the sun's harmful rays can cause a lot of damage. For this reason, there are Baby beach tents which are specifically made for babies. Made out of reliable materials, the tent is small yet spacious enough for your baby. Besides using them in beaches and outdoor events, these tents can also be used indoors. Other than that, toddlers can use these as toys for playing.

Hopefully, after reading the article, you won't have a problem deciding which tent will be more suitable for your needs.

The Benefits Of Pop Up Beach Tents

Beach tents have become quite popular nowadays and they can be seen on almost every beach. More and more beach tents have been popping up in these scenic beaches, especially during the summer when the beaches are crowded with people looking forward to enjoying their vacations.

These beaches can cater to the beachgoers in many ways and they can be very beneficial for them. People, in general, are quite skeptical when they hear the word tent. They often tend to think of traditional tents which can be quite difficult and time-consuming to set up.

Moreover, they are often difficult to carry around the beach. An alternative to tents can be beach umbrellas, which do not require to be set up with difficulty. However, on a windy day, a strong gust of wind can very easily uproot beach umbrellas, blowing them away. It can be quite embarrassing in crowded places as most people would not want to chase after an umbrella.

In order to avoid such incidences, beachgoers could dig deeper holes to place the beach umbrellas, but it can often time be very frustrating as it's difficult to get the umbrella to remain fixed upright or at a certain angle.In situations like these, a tent can be very useful.

Despite it being a bit difficult to set up, there is absolutely zero chance of a tent being blown away by a gust of strong wind and unlike umbrellas, they remain stationary in one place after being set up.

The awkwardness of utilizing a beach umbrella can be entirely forgone by switching to a tent. The tent serves the same purpose as an over-sized umbrella, minus the obvious drawbacks that come with handling a beach umbrella.

How a Pop Up Beach Tent wins over An Umbrella

The primary purpose of a beach umbrella is to provide shade to the beachgoers. It can be quite hot being out for too long in the open sands of beaches, and some kind of shade is obviously very important. Other than that, people at beaches often carry different sorts of cold beverages and sandwiches which require a cool shade to be kept properly.

Electronic gadgets such as smartphones and tablets can also be kept safely under the shade, which can sometimes malfunction in extreme heat. Despite umbrellas having a set purpose, they can often be ineffective as a tool for creating a shade, as they need to be moved around from time to time and may not always cover the intended area.

Pop-up tents, unlike umbrellas, can provide a constant and uninterrupted shade from the sun to one's family, belongings or even pets. With the help of a tent, the shade can always be kept out of the sun. Babies and children need cool shade the most relative to adults, as they are more likely to fall sick from the heat.

Tents are more effective at creating a safe haven for them at the beach compared to beach umbrellas. The best beach tent can protect skin from harmful UV rays, as they usually come with a UPF rating of 50. A tent is very less likely to be blown away by a strong gust of wind as mentioned earlier.

They can also provide protection from sand being blown into one's face and food. They also provide greater space in comparison to umbrellas and are more effective wind shelters. Unlike umbrellas, tents can be kept at bay by placing all personal belongings around the insides of the tent.

Compared to umbrellas, tents also provide more privacy for changing into swimsuits and trunks. Some even have features such as zipping up to provide even more privacy and rolling out to create floors. They can also be more mobile compared to umbrellas, as they often come with carrying cases, handles, and they can also be folded up compactly and are generally made from light-weight materials.

Unlike traditional tents, pop-up tents are easy to set up and comes with poles pre-attached, and they can also be put away easily. Pop up beach tents may take a bit of getting used to, but they are undoubtedly more effective and convenient to use compared to umbrellas.

Frequently Asked Question -FAQ

How Well Tents actually Work On The Beach?

Tents are a wonderful way to enjoy the beach and yet stay protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Compared to beach umbrellas, which also provide shade, tents are slightly better since they provide more shade and coverage for a larger number of people or family outings.

In addition to that, there are various kinds of tents to choose from, such as the canopy tents, pop up instant tents, baby tents, and so one. One advantage is that beach tents provide way more shade and protection than beach umbrellas. You can also choose a beach canopy.

How To Refold Beach Tents?

Hold the two sides and fold either side of the tent and bring it down on top, which will leave you with an oval shape. Then lay the tent on its side and apply steady pressure in the center so it doesn't move. This will leave you with a shape that looks like an eight.

Once you get to this point, keeping steady pressure on the center, you want to take one side and fold it over the other side. This will leave you with a circle which you have to tie with a plastic strap before tucking it away in the tent bag.

How To Keep A Beach tent From Blowing Away?

To keep beach tents from blowing away, anchors are commonly used and are perfect for use in the sand. Attach the guy lines to the stakes with a knot that will remain secure. Once you have a tight knot, simply dig two feet deep holes in the sand, plant the anchors into the holes, cover them up with sand and you have a secure tent that won't blow away as easily. It is important to remember though, that you need to angle the stake at 45 degrees towards the tent so that it holds up nice and strong.

How Much a Beach Tent Costs?

Beach tents have a different price range, depending on the size, structure and the quality of the materials. While basic tents might start at $50 and so, and sometimes even less. They might go as high as $200.

Canopy tents start at $99 and can reach up to $ 150-170. Some can even cost more, as far as $230, due to better quality or larger size. Pop up instant tents, on the other hand, start at $18 and can even reach up to $99.

How to know what size I need?

In order to decide the size of tent you need, it is wise to calculate other factors first. It is important to know what exactly you are using the tent for. Will it be used for a party, or just for you alone? The size of a tent is usually dependent on what it is used for. Depending on what and who it is used for, whether for a single person or family or for a party, will help a lot in deciding how big or small your tent needs to be.

How To Put Up/ Assemble a Beach Tent?

After pulling the tent out of its cover, simply untie the cord holding the tent together, and hold the top of the tent to unfurl it. Let the frames settle into place and when they are all straight, you can then secure it from the wind by anchoring it down. Lastly, don’t forget to lock the top and the sides of the tent and wherever it is necessary so the locks can hold the tent in place.

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