Will My Hunting Chair Fit In My Tent?

When you’re off on a hunting trip, you really want to take as little as possible but still have as much comfort as possible no matter wherever you set up camp. This means that some of your equipment should be multifunctional your hunting chair, for example. 

The hunting chair is not only good for those hours you spend waiting for your prey but ideally should also double as furniture for your tent. Here are a couple of things to consider:

One – Finding the Right Size

Hunting chairs come in all shapes and sizes but before you invest in one, you need to match it to the equipment you already have. 

Think about the size of your tent and whether it will be able to comfortably hold a chair as well as all your other things. Also, consider the size of your vehicle and mentally plan where you are going to put everything. This planning will determine what you can and can’t bring before the trip even begins.

If your tent is a two man, it is unlikely to be high or wide enough to house a chair as well. However, with a four man, the situation is much better. There are lightweight fold up hunting chairs that can fold away easily and open up when and where you need them. This could be a great option for you.

Other chairs, for example the swivel, might be your preferred seating. However, it may not be the most comfortable chair to sit on for relaxation. It is also bulkier so may take up that much needed space in your tent.

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Two – How Big Are You?

Not all hunting chairs are made equally so make sure you check the bearing weight of the chair. There is no point going for a lightweight chair if you are a big chap as it won’t be sturdy enough even if it is an ideal size for your tent. 

Hunting chairs come with a variety of designs and are made from a range of materials, some much sturdier than others. The larger man needs to go for a chair that bears weight, is functional for hunting and can also hold the equipment for the day’s sport. 

Ultimately, the chair has been bought for hunting and it’s just a bonus if you can use it in your tent at the end of a long day to shelter from the elements and enjoy a good beer.


Using your chair in your tent is a great additional function for what is a necessary piece of equipment for your sport. It is vital that you get the right one for you and at the right price. Browse through what other customers have said about the products they have bought and chat to friends to learn from their mistakes!

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