10 Tips to Make Your Next Beach Vacation Perfect

Love spending time on the beach? Then you will surely want to get the most out of your every beach trip! A great beach vacation is not only about spending a great time but also about being prepared for when things go wrong. If your last beach vacation wasn’t ideal, then maybe these 10 tips will help you make your next beach vacation perfect!

Choose the right beach

You might want to spend your vacation on a beach that doesn’t allow pets. Or maybe you don’t want to be bitten by insects. If you have any special requirements, you should do your research to choose the right location for your beach vacation. Besides, you might want to choose a beach with at least one trained lifeguard. All that is possible with good research!

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Bring furnishing to comfortably sit or sunbathe

You aren’t planning to lie down on the bare sand to sunbathe, are you? The beach sand is hot and could also be swarm with insects. To be able to comfortably sit or sunbathe during your beach vacation, make sure to bring a couple of furnishing items with you. A good option would be a sturdy deckchair and a beach canopy. You could also go a bit further and get a beach tent, which would not only provide you with space to rest but would also allow you to play indoor games with your companions.

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Protect yourself

There are lots of things on the beach that could harm you, with sunrays being maybe the most harmful beach factor. On a beach vacation, you should always have sun-protection items with you, such as a sunscreen, sunhat, and sunglasses. You should also have flip flops to protect your feet from the hot sand and possibly some clothing to additionally cover your skin from the sun. Spending as less time as possible under the sun would also be a great idea.

Insects could become a problem as well. Before going on your beach vacation, make sure to find out what kinds of insects are inhabiting the beach area. And don’t forget to bring an insect repellent in case you need to protect yourself from insects!

Protect your valuable items

You don’t want your items to be lost, stolen, or damaged by the water. Leave what you can at the hotel. As for the items that you will need on the beach, make sure to pack a dry bag and a beach bag. The dry bag will protect the things that should not come into contact with water, while the beach bag will allow you to have your sunbathing and swimming items within your reach.

Keep yourself well-hydrated

Out in the heat, it is essential to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Even more so if you are eating salty foods or engaging in physical activity. Water is crucial for your body’s ability to regulate its temperature under the sun: if you are dehydrated, you could end up getting a heat stroke.

Bring your own snacks and drinks

Most beaches have no food for sale or alternatively provide only overpriced, unhealthy burgers, sugary soda drinks, or hot dogs. If you are going to have access to kitchen facilities on your beach vacation, you could bring your own food to make dishes that are tastier, healthier, and cheaper. If you won’t be able to make meals in a kitchen, you could go to a local grocery store to get bread, cheeses, fruits & vegetables, water, juices, and anything else to make your own snacks and beverages for the beach.

Be prepared for emergencies

You may be fully packed to protect yourself from everything on the beach, but what if you, for example, miss a spot when applying a sunscreen or forget to apply it altogether? Well, you will probably get a sunburn. That’s when the knowledge of how to relieve sunburn pain could come into play.

Another thing you should be prepared for is treating insect bites. Having an insect bite pain relief treatment or anti-inflammatory medication is a good idea if the beach vacation area has insect populations. And overall, you should have a well-stocked first aid kit on you while on a beach vacation.

Know how to identify/escape a rip current

Rip currents are dangerous for all beachgoers, especially those who are weak or can’t swim. Knowing how to escape from a riptide can save your life. However, it is better to avoid the problem than face it, so you should also learn how to identify rip currents.

Bring the tools to build sand sculptures

Building sandcastles is a good old way to have fun on the beach. Having the tools for sand sculpture building is a must if you have kids with you. Even if you aren’t that excited about making sand sculptures, your kids will surely be!

Capture your vacation moments

You surely have a smartphone or a camera! Why not use them to capture the memorable moments of your beach vacation? It will always be fun to look back on your beautiful trips to the shore and relive your experience! Make sure to bring the essential equipment though like extra batteries, waterproof cases, and memory cards.

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