10 Must Have Beach Packing List Items You’ll Want for Beach Vacation

Being well-prepared makes all the difference between spending a wonderful time on the beach and suffering from sunburns, bad weather, and losing items. A great beach vacation requires thorough planning, and packing the right items with you is essential to you having a memorable beach vacation.

There are lots of items that you could pack for your beach vacation, but what if you forget something vital? Well, if you are worried about that, have a look at our list of 10 must-have items to pack for your beach vacation!

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Needless to say, the number one must-have beach item is a swimsuit! You aren’t going to swim in your shorts, are you? A good idea would be to bring two swimsuits so you have a dry change at all times. A cover-up would also be a great addition to a swimsuit since it can protect you from the sun and also give you some opportunity to have fun with the beach fashion.


The sand on the beach can get particularly hot on sunny days. Besides, you may want to take a walk and see the nearby sights. Obviously, going barefoot isn’t an option, and regular shoes also won’t do since they aren’t waterproof. A pair of flip-flops would be just right to have with you on your beach vacation!


Getting a sunburn is not only painful: an excessive amount of sun exposure could also result in skin cancer. To protect yourself from the harmful sunrays, make sure you get a couple of bottles of sunscreen with you. To make applying the sunscreen easier, you could additionally pack a sunscreen applicator, which would allow you to easily reach your back, as well as other hard-to-reach spots.

Beach towel

A beach towel is not only a necessary but also a very useful item. First of all, you use it to wipe yourself dry. You could also put it over your shoulders and back to protect yourself from the sun. Lastly, you could place your beach towel on the sand to lay down and sunbathe to get that gorgeous tan!


A sunhat is another essential to have on a beach vacation. A nice hat will not only make you look fancy: it can also protect your head and eyes from the sun. If you are bald or have sensitive skin, you need to be even more careful because your head will receive most of the sun rays, and a sunhat would be the perfect item to protect your head with.

Beach bag

You have to store all those swimming and sunbathing items somewhere, right? Well, a beach bag is made just for that! A beach bag would allow you to keep your things organized and within your reach. Make sure to get a beach bag that is roomy, easy-to-clean from sand, and also compact when folded down for convenient transportation.

Waterproof dry bag

Not all of your items should come in contact with water. Non-waterproof electronic devices, car keys, snacks, the first aid kit, and other similar items should be stored in a separate bag. A waterproof dry bag would come just in handy because it would be able to protect your items from the water.

Beach tent

A beach tent isn’t a necessity for everyone, but it would be a really nice thing to have with you since it would allow you to take cover from the sun for some time. In a beach tent, you could have a snack, play some fun games with your friends or family, or spend some time in privacy. You could also store your dry and beach bags in the beach tent. A good alternative to a beach tent is a beach canopy, but it won’t provide you with the same level of privacy.

Portable cooler

What could be better on a hot, sunny day than a cold drink or snack? Probably the first thing you want after swimming is to have a sip of a cool drink. A portable travel cooler is a convenient way to have cold beverages or snacks basically anywhere.

Portable travel coolers are generally very convenient in terms of transport. Some coolers even come in the form of a bag that is compact, light, and easy-to-carry, so you certainly will have options to always have a supply of cool drinks with you!

Waterproof phone case

Phones are essential because they, first of all, allow us to communicate. Besides, wouldn’t you want to take a couple of selfies on the beach to immortalize your vacation? There is one thing that may spoil your photo-taking plans, however: your smartphone may not be waterproof.

A waterproof phone case would allow you to have your phone with you on the beach without worrying about the water! Typical waterproof phone cases also allow you to use the phone’s screen and camera, so you would also get the opportunity to take some underwater photos!


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