10 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Summer Vacation

Summer is coming and so are the holidays! If you love to travel it’s time to plan for a wonderful summer vacation! But planning a perfect summer vacation sometime gets quite stressful. There are a lot of things to be taken care of.

Well, I am pretty good at planning family vacations. So just thought of sharing my opinions on how you can perfectly plan a summer vacation without any hassles. A summer vacation trip includes several things like flight booking, finding resorts/hotels, packing and staying healthy throughout the vacation. Let’s add some flavor to this beautiful summer with a perfect trip.

Follow the tips and steps below to plan the best summer vacation for your family.

Think about everyone’s recommendations

Well, a summer vacation trip will only be perfect if you keep in mind the requirements of each person in the family. For example, if you have an aged person in your home and you plan to go for trekking in some hill station, it won’t work at all. Rather do something that everyone will like. You can choose a tourist place which has a beach and other beautiful site scenes around. This way every family member from young to aged people can enjoy the vacation.

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Find out the best deal on Flight tickets

Summer vacation is all about the whole family so there would be a minimum of more than 2 members travelling on the trip. So you need to go for cheap and reliable flights. To get the best deals on flight tickets, do a bit research on Google. Follow these tips to get cheaper flight deals:

  • Avoid travelling in the peak summer months like June and August.
  • Avoid flying on Weekends and Friday as the flight prices are higher during these days of the week. Weekdays are best for international flights.
  • There are several apps and a website from which you can compare flight prices. So do a little bit of research.

Include your holidays

I always plan my vacations in such a way so that during this period it includes one or two days of holiday on the trip. If you select the correct dates where holidays are nearby, you can enjoy a large vacation with your family. Do not travel on the date of any national or international holiday as the flight prices are more.

Plan your trip activities in advance

When you are planning a summer vacation make sure you plan your daily activities beforehand. If you are travelling to any hill station, note down what scenic beauties you are going to cover, important nearby destinations, activities like trekking or visiting a zoo etc. Schedule each day accordingly. Just make sure your trip does not become too hectic for your family. Try to include one or two activities each day.

Pack medicines and stay healthy

The key thing to pack on a trip is medicines. No matter what you have to keep yourself healthy and fit. Things that you will always find in my bag are a strip of vitamin tablets, pain killers, chronic pain medicines, anti-nausea medicine, and a first aid box. These are some necessities without which you should never travel. Most importantly carry basic food and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated in the hot summer days. Apart from clothes other necessities like hand creams, gels and soaps are also important.

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Include long drives in your trip plan

When you are travelling to a certain destination or tourist place, it is not the only place you are going to stay the whole trip. There must be some other nearby cities or places that are a popular tourist attraction. So when you are booking flight tickets also look for hiring cars to travel by road. The best thing about travelling by road is you can discover so many new things while driving. Some good music, with some good food, your family along with you and those long drives, what can be a better experience than this? If the destination is nearby, fly one way and drive the other way. This was you can cover up different places in just one vacation.

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Book adventurous lodgings

If you want to make this summer vacation the most memorable trip of your life, book lodgings that are different from regular hotels. Such as you can stay at a tree house or beach attached resort. Just imagine what a fun experience it will be? To keep the lodging prices in budget compare the process from different hotel booking websites and find out the best deals available.

Never carry your valuables on a long vacation trip

When you are going for a long trip, carry only those things that are your necessities. Carrying expensive jewellery, gadgets or too much hard cash is a very bad idea. This not a known place so anything can happen anytime. It’s always better to play safe when you are travelling on a long trip for summer vacation. Always keep your Smartphones attached to you.

Carry emergency fun stuff

What are you were planning to go for some site seen and suddenly it started to rain? Remember at home you don’t get so much time to spend with your whole family. So carry some fun stuff like board games or movie DVDs with you so that if any natural calamity occurs, the moment won’t get spoiled!

Travel Insurance is a must!

There are people who might find this useless but I personally feel that travel insurance is a must. Travel insurance will protect your investments if there is an emergency need for trip cancellation or trip interruption. Travel insurance also covers medical expenses & emergency evacuation stolen documents or baggage. Travel insurance takes the stress of all these kind of misshapes. So be wise before you plan your trip!

All the above-mentioned tips will be definitely helpful for you but most importantly remember to have fun on your vacation. Long vacations don’t come quite often in life so enjoy to the fullest with your family and try to make the trip the best moments of your life.

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