11 Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers in Summer

Nowadays, there are many interesting things for children indoors. Music, mobile games, movies – all this makes encouraging your kid to go out a bit more challenging than it was a few years back.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t interest your preschooler children with an outdoor activity though. Below, we have a list of 11 outdoor activities that are likely to excite your children in summer!

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1. Hiking

Hiking is perhaps the best activity your kids could engage in. It involves physical exercise, new grounds to explore, teaches respecting nature, and overall can make children more careful outdoors.

Like any other activity on this list, hiking may be unsuitable for some people. If it’s suitable for you, then make sure to carefully prepare for it since the completely new environment will have many risks for overly curious children.

2. Fishing

If fishing is your business or just a hobby, then you may want to have your kid acquainted with it.

The great thing about this isn’t merely that your kid will learn angling tips and tricks but that you will be able to spend some time with your child. Communication with children is key, as you probably know. And a perfect way to combine your fishing hobby with communication is to fish together with your kid.

3. Biking

It’s the high time that you teach your preschooler children how to ride a bike. Children are usually ready to ride without training wheels around the age of 5. However, this is highly individual, so keep in mind how easy it has been for your kid to learn to ride with training wheels. If it has been challenging for them, then letting them ride without training wheels too early may not be the best idea.

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4. Golf

Golf is also an excellent outdoor activity which preschoolers can easily participate in. It has the same exploration and fitness component of hiking but without the dangers of wildlife.

With that being said, golf is a sophisticated game which involves proper swing technique and etiquette. Due to this, opinions vary on when children should start playing golf. Some say as early as 18 months, while others think 5-6 years of age is the minimum. You will need to determine on your own whether your kid is ready for this game.

5. Backyard Obstacle Courses

If you or your kids don’t feel like going too far from home, then you may set up a fun activity in your backyard – an obstacle course run.

You don’t need any sophisticated equipment to organize a competition. Chairs, tables, balls, natural structures – all this can serve as obstacles and key items to the competition. Don’t forget to reward your children at the end!

6. Rock Painting

Many children love painting, and outdoors, one great idea is to allow your children to do rock painting. Prepare a dedicated spot for them in your backyard and don’t be afraid if things go a little messy.

Instead of painting rocks, you may go for painting on paper or canvas, whichever seems to be more exciting to your children. Also, praise your children’s skill or choice of color patterns to keep them interested.

7. Outdoor Reading

It’s difficult to get children into reading, especially if the book doesn’t have colorful illustrations in it. Well, if you’ve been unsuccessfully trying to have your kid read their first book, maybe a change of environment will be able to help.

To make things a little interesting for your kid, you may invite a few of his friends for a reading picnic. The idea is for the children to take turns while reading aloud, perhaps while noshing on treats.

If your kid is just learning letters or words, you may set up a fun little game for them. Grab some sidewalk chalk and write huge words/letters on a paved surface. Your children’s goal is to run to the word that you call out as quickly as possible. This simple game involves a little exercise and also encourages the learning of words and letters.

8. Kite Making

Kite making is a great way for artistic expression, and it also involves some exercise after the kites are ready.

Choose a moderately windy day for this activity. Gather all the tools and materials necessary and supervise your children while they are trying to get their ideas to manifest in their creations. You may even make the kite making a little more competitive by rewarding your children for, say, skill, originality, or design.

9. Petting Zoo Tours

Petting zoos provide an amazing opportunity for children to communicate with animals in a controlled environment. If you didn’t know, petting zoos house animals that are docile enough to touch and feed. If your kids love animals, then a visit to a petting zoo could be an unforgettable experience for them.

With that being said, keep in mind that animals can host a variety of bacteria, so you and your kids should follow certain hygiene and safety tips while in a petting zoo. Among them is not drinking or eating near animals, leaving toys, pacifiers, or strollers outside the exhibit, washing the hands, avoiding contact with the animals’ mouth, etc.

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10. Multifamily Competition Evenings

This is an extension of the backyard obstacle course idea we talked about above. Inviting other families for an active pastime in your backyard provides both you and your child with communication opportunities, as well as obviously contains an exercise aspect to it!

You may go for an obstacle course on a larger scale, or you may set up a competition in any other game, be it something like badminton or a completely improvised game.

11. Wash & Dry

When water is involved, the fun factor of any activity for children is likely to skyrocket.

The potential for such activities is endless. In fact, you may easily combine pleasure and practicality in a wash & dry day!

You may, for example, equip your children with everything necessary and have them wash their bikes or scooters. Or if your kid shows a particular interest in cars, you may allow them to help you in car washing (if you are doing it on your own). Make sure to keep an eye on your children since water can be as dangerous as it is fun.

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