11 Tips for Staying Cool On Summer Camping Trips

The smiling gaze of the sun opens a new chapter of fun for family and friends. Everybody knows that it’s time for camping! No season is tightly associated with camping than summer. The weather assures you an exceedingly rewarding experience. It gives you an opportunity to get away for the weekend or long holidays. Whether you relish in fishing, hiking, boating or even the cheery bird watching activity, summer camping trips have it all in one sizzling basket.

But, before you get ready for an action-packed summer, you must learn the tips for staying cool on summer camping trips. Learn everything from how to keep your tent cool, to cool tips to rely on for the rest of the day.

Best tips for staying cool on summer camping trips

Set up your tent in the shade – Before pitching a tent, always look at the position of the sun and the spot that experiences a significant amount of shade, typically during the hottest times of the day. Place the tent there and ensure that morning and afternoon sunlight does not reach it. A little evening sunlight is good as it is not always hot.

Take down your tent during the day – In as much as you are recommended to set up the tent in the shade, it is often advisable to take down your tent during the day to prevent accumulation of soggy humidity, which can make sleeping at night even uncomfortable. This should be done when you wake up and set it up just when the sun is going down.

Set up a reflective sun shade – This is perfect for repelling hot sun rays back in the sky. Anything lying in the shade of a reflective sun shade remains cool. You can place your cooler under the sunshade to prevent the ice from melting fast. You can also sleep soundly under the reflective sun shade even when the sun is shining brightly in the sky.

Turn the tent door and vents to face the direction of the wind – Consult the locals for the knowledge of the weather patterns of your chosen campsite and establish the course of the wind. Place the tent, with its door wide open, in the direction where the wind is blowing. Also, open the air vents of the tent to allow a free flow of air through the tent to help cool it off.

Wear light clothes – Always wear light and less tight clothes while walking on the beach when the sun is up high. Clothes that hang loosely on your skin allows a cool breeze to pass through while cooling off your body. They help evaporate your sweat, thus leaving a cooling effect on your skin. A light hat and classy sunglasses can not only add a touch of glamour but also help prevent your eyes from direct sunlight.

Camp near a safe water source – Always find and locate a camping site that is near a clean water body. You can jump into the river and cool off when the sun is hottest. Locals can advise on safe water bodies for swimming and relaxing.

Carry inflatable water pool – An inflatable pool replaces the need to look for a water body. With access to water, you can carry a portable pool in your camp, inflate it and put water in it for refreshing baths during the day. It is also sensational for adults to sit in the pool, with a beer in hand, while chatting away in the sun.

Carry a tent fan – If you are not sure about the direction of wind or whether there would be breezes in your chosen camping spot, you can opt for a tent fan. Nothing is uplifting like lying under a tent fan as you slumber peacefully. Equally, you can have a delectable meal around a tent fan. You will never notice any close humidity!

Drink plenty of water – Water is highly essential for campers. Spending time in a hot environment makes your body lose a lot of water through sweating. This can leave you dehydrated, which means your body requires water to function properly. Therefore, you need to plan well for access to clean water to help replenish water in your body. It is crucial to take at least a lot more water than the amount lost in the form of sweat.

Restore your electrolyte levels – On top of taking water, it is always advisable to restore electrolytes in your body to achieve full rehydration. It is possible to develop electrolyte imbalance when exposed to extremely humid or hot areas, associated with excessive sweating. To attain optimum levels of rehydration, after sweating excessively in the sun, you need to take water containing somewhat high levels of sodium and also some potassium. You can plan with the guidance of a certified health practitioner.

Eat food when cold – Summertime may sometimes be too hot to eat hot or warm food. This can cause excessive sweating. It is uncomfortable to enjoy a meal together with the family with faces bedecked with sweat droplets. Therefore, it is advisable to carry cold food in a cooler to keep them cold. Eating cold food under the sun keeps your body cool. Finishing a meal with a cold cup of ice gives your entire body an irresistible icy feeling. Also, take water when consuming solid food to help boost rehydration when you are sweating heavily.

Indeed, when our hemisphere is pointing directly to the sun, it means that it’s summertime! This is a special moment to dive into cool waters, enjoy walks on the sassy beaches, and savor tantalizing dishes in family cookouts and a bunch of summer outdoor activities. Camping during summer is always memorable!

Everyone remembers how it all started and ended. The whimsical feeling of grabbing extra clothes for camping, a cooler full of food, dashing out for the refreshing atmosphere of the camp is simply out of this world.

Take advantage of every moment in your camping this summer with the tips given to remain cool and laid back in the hot and humid weather.

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