9 Essentials for Your Beach Packing List

Planning to get yourself to the beach is always fun! While the beach is calling you to get come chills over there, you might find yourself confused while packing your stuff up. That’s relatable because we all face the same mess! However, we finally learnt to get rid of such confusions. Now you might want to know how.

For this, you will need to read the entire article since it has underlined 9 of the most important essentials that you must add to your beach packing list. And these essentials are:

  1. Sunscreen:

We assume you will plan for getting to the beach on a very bright sunny day! So, why not carry your SPF to the list. It’s wise to grab it and wiser to have it one of higher quality. An eco-friendly sunscreen cream or lotion can make an ideal choice as either of the them doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Both are mineral based and give you all the protection by blocking the sunrays that can harm you. You can also try spray-on sunblock if you want more convenience.

  1. Water bottle:

You surely would like to stay hydrated as the warmth over there on the beach can suck up all the moisture leaving you pretty thirsty. So before getting to the beach, keep a water bottle with you. Make sure it’s not plastic! You can use insulated water bottle in such situation since it will help keep the water cooler for a longer period. Besides water, you can also carry fresh fruit juice that will give you more energy to enjoy the beach moments.

  1. Beach tent:

Albeit bringing a beach tent can slightly be a hassle but you will love it in the end. Nothing can give an overall protection from the harmful UV sunrays that a beach tent can give. It’s expected that you will spend most of your time outside the tent on an open beach to enjoy the water, but a decent tent can give a much needed break from the sunrays. You will get a lot of options when it comes to choosing a shade for packing it up: you can opt for a full on cabana or a pop-up tent. We will rather recommend you to pick the later one since pop-up tents are easily portable and versatile as well.


  1. Kayak or longboard:

If you are planning to travel to the beach with your own vehicle then you can add kayak or longboard to the packing list. If you don’t own one, then you will get a number of options to choose from in the market both online and offline. We rather recommend you to head to your local retailer for avoiding to pay extra hidden charges of shipping. Not just that, you can examine the product carefully since you can check them in person before buying it. However, both kayak and longboard come in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs to choose from. So, take the one that will suit you, please you.

  1. Swimsuit/board shorts:

For women: Getting to the beach is nothing without a swimsuit. Actually, you it’s better that you add 2 swimsuits for your convenience. So whenever you will get all drenched after splashing yourself in the water, you can always have an extra dry one on hand. Do make sure to keep a high quality swimsuit that will be supportive as well as stylish.

For men: Well, for you, a good pair of board shorts can be great if you pack them into the bag. Such shorts will be light plus comfortable and you will love wearing them for surfing as well since they stretch well. It’s better to opt for darker colors while adding them.

  1. Beach towel:

Is it possible to go to the beach without a towel? Surely not! While you prepare the packing list, don’t forget to add towel to the list since it will help in drying you off after a fun swim at the beach. Not just that, you will also need it if you want to wipe the sand up from your body. If you don’t have a decent towel for carrying to the beach, then it’s better that you buy one soon.

  1. Waterproof wallet:

If you want to protect valuable items at the beach, the wisest thing you can do is to avoid bringing them at the beach. Leave them in your hotel room or in your vehicle safely and locked up for sure. However, there are still some things that you cannot just avoid bringing them, one of them is your wallet. You might have to keep your keys, money and other valuable stuff with you. For this, a waterproof wallet will be the best option to add to the list. This wallet will hold all of your valuables so you can spend your time in the water without any worries.

  1. Sandals:

Do grab a pair of comfortable and waterproof flip flops to wear them on the beach. Since it is difficult to walk on sand wearing regular shoes, you will need a pair that is especially designed for walking on the beach. There are many of them that use ground-breaking technology by taking a digital map of your foot. All you will need to do is: go through some websites such as of Wiivv brand to look for one. Wiivv brand is great in creating customized beach pair.

  1. Sunglasses:

Protecting your eyes should also be in your priority list. Although, this one has been enlisted in the last, but it’s equally important. So, grab a pair of sunglasses so you can bring it to the beach and wear it while having fun. However, make sure you don’t carry the expensive one to the beach since the sand can end up scratching the shade or there is even a chance that the sea can take your sunglasses away! And you surely won’t want that right!

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