10 Awesome Gazebo Canopy Maintenance Tips

Once you have installed a gazebo canopy you have to ensure its maintenance also. There are different types of canopies and each of them requires different types of maintenance. However, there are some common maintenance tips that you need to follow for every gazebo canopy.

In this article, we are going to talk about 10 awesome gazebo canopy maintenance tips which will make sure that your canopy remains durable for a longer period.

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Frames and Screens

You need to clean the frames and screens of the gazebo frequently. While cleaning these always use normal water and a mild soap. Before washing it, dust of the dirt using a soft bristled brush. If you are thinking to repaint, varnish or to spray the gazebo again then you should first remove the frames and screens. This will not only make your task much easier but also it will protect those. After removing and cleaning the screens and frames, dry those separately and then again install them.

Clear the Gutters

You need to clear the gutters on a regular basis. If you are worried for a regular task, then you don’t have to as it won’t take much time of yours. Regularly short cleaning means you don’t have to spend a lot of money and time in the future. Especially in the rainy season, you must clear the gutter; otherwise, it will block the rainwater. If the rainwater remains on the floor too long then it can cause a serious damage. Therefore, clearing gutter is a must thing to do.

Signs of Cracks and Splits

No matter how well you have maintained your gazebo, after a certain period of time there will be little cracks and splits. The earlier you find these cracks the better you can fix them so that it doesn’t get bigger. Therefore, every year it needs to be inspected at least twice a time to find out if there are any signs of splits and cracks. After that, take preparations according to that.

How to Clean

Take a large bucket of water and mix there 3 to four cups of detergents. Use a mild one for cleaning. Now the solution water obviously depends on the size of your canopy. You may need more or less water, depending on the size of the canopy. Next, take a sponge and apply this cleaning solution all over the canopy. Let it sit there for a few minutes, and after that start scrubbing. Give more attention to the dirtier places and the corners. Use a simple scrub brush. Lastly, rinse properly.

When to Clean your Canopy

You may probably know that you have to clean your canopy but you also should know when you should do the cleaning process. Don’t clean your gazebo canopy in an extreme weather, this means in rain or snow.  You need to do it on a warm and sunny day. Otherwise, it will take more time to dry down and this can also result in growing molds.

Stain Repellent

A very important tip to taking care of your gazebo is to apply stain repellent solution. For example, you can use Scotchguard or any other brands. Spray this to the top of the fabric generously and this will prevent to get any dirt stains and also water penetration.

Storing your Canopy

Now if you are someone, who rarely use your gazebo canopy then it is better to store it rather than just exposing it to the weather. Moreover, when there is an extreme weather even then you should store your canopy. For the storage purpose, you need to take care of the storage bag also. Most of the storage bag or carry bags are made with polyester and you need to keep it clean also and store it in dry spaces.

Moreover, while storing makes sure that all the leg pins, locking are disengaged properly. The canopy fabric must be dry before you store, otherwise, it will result in water strain and mildew.

Wood Gazebo

If you have a wood gazebo you have to take some extra care of it. Woods are easily affected by the moisture of nature and therefore these types of canopies have more chances to get damage. To prevent any kind of damage make sure there is no water blockage. Moreover, create good ventilation around the gazebo by cleaning plants and shrubs away.

Washing the Fabric

The top fabric of the canopy usually hits the most to the nature. Therefore, you need to pay attention more to the top fabric. Wash it with mildly warm water whenever possible.

Safety Issues

Lastly, there are some safety concerns that you have to keep in your mind while maintaining a gazebo. First of all, make sure there are no flammable items near your gazebo. Even if the fabric is heatproof, it is advisable to keep it away from any heat source. Secondly, for cleaning don’t ever use any strong detergent. This is one of the most common mistakes. Don’t even use the high-pressure washer.

To keep your gazebo safe remove it when there is heavy rain, snow or high winds.

So, these were some of the very basic but most effective canopy maintenance tips. You may have thought a lot to purchase a gazebo and then had done a lot of work to install it. All of your hard work and money will be ruined if you don’t follow these maintenance tips. None of them is any hard task to do and if you do clearing frequently then it won’t even take much time.

Even after following all of these tips, if you found your gazebo is not in good condition then call the customer care. Each and every company has their own customer service. Don’t experiment with anything or replace anything without consulting with the company.

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