10 Cool Ideas for Your Outdoor Pop up Canopy

A pop up canopy is a great investment which will help you to have some quality time with your friends and family members during the vacation time. Pop up canopy is easy to use and really great for outdoor sessions. However, rather just using your pop up canopy as a tent or shelter you can use it in many different ways. You don’t even know how useful it is than just providing shade for you. 

In this article, we have come up with 10 cool ideas for your outdoor pop up canopy that will surely change the way you look out for your canopy. So, let’s have a look at these ideas.

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Use it on your Picnic

Who doesn’t love to have a romantic picnic with his/her partner? In an open field under the sky, it feels heavenly to spend some time with your loved ones. To have more privacy you can use a pop-up canopy.

As it is easy to carry and install you don’t have to waste much time for it on your date. Moreover, you can decorate it with some lights, curtains If possible. Make a room under the canopy using a blanket, some colorful pillows and with a Bluetooth speaker.

On Big Events

Whether there is a kart racing event or any other sports events there will be so many people. You can use your pop up canopy to create some shelter at the event and can enjoy the game more. So, carry out your pop up canopy with you whenever there is a local sports events happening.

Trade Show Market

If there is any trade show or fair happening and you are going to have your own cart then your pop up canopy is going to help you a lot. At a trade show or at a Sunday Market you need to have your own space where you can showcase your products or services.

At that time, your pop up canopy can come to a great use. You can easily attach your company name or logo with it and then market your products in the trade show. If there is any fair going in your children’s school or university they can also use the pop-up canopy as their store.

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Your Own Lounge

Using your pop up canopy you can create your own lounge at the outdoor. Just set it in your lawn then place some table or hammock to create the vibe. This can be a great place for your day to day relaxation or to spend some time with your children. Write down, after seeing your wonderful lounge others will surely want to come to spend some time there.

Children Summer Business

One of the most common scenarios in the summer vacation is to see cute little businessmen in the city street. Yes, if your children want to sell some cookies or lemonade at their summer vacation time they can use your pop up canopy. You will obviously don’t want to let your children stand under the hot sun.

A pop-up canopy can create a perfect shelter for them. Kids have their own imagination, so they can also decorate it as their wish. You don’t have to rent it from somewhere else. Having their own shelter will make their time more enjoyable and thus they can attract more attention from people. This is undoubtedly a great way to utilize their vacation time and to make some money.

Expand Your Kitchen

Do you have a small kitchen? If you are going to have a big party at your house and have a small kitchen then we know how difficult it is for you to arrange everything. One idea that you may not have thought earlier is, that using your pop up canopy as your kitchen extension.

Just set up your pop up canopy outside and there you can take preparation for your cooking. Even you can use it as a storage place or as a food serving area.  By doing this you can turn your outdoor place into your workplace.

Beach House

Having a beach house is a dream for everyone. But, not everyone can have a house at the beach.  However, you can have a temporary house on the beach. Yes, we are talking about using your pop up canopy as your beach house.

You can make it as your children’s Playhouse at the beach. We all love to spend time at the beach, but at the same time, we cannot deny the fact how difficult it is to stand under the scorching heat. Pop up canopies are really easy to carry and easy to install. So you can easily take it to the beach and set there as your beach house.

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One of the best uses that one can get from a pop-up canopy is to custom it as party tents. While having a big party it is difficult to set up several gazebo or tents, as that will take a lot of time and emery.

But, as we know that pop-up canopies are so easy to use, therefore, you can use even more than one at your parties. Each canopy can be used for different purposes. For example, one can be used for sitting, one where you can serve foods and one where the children can play. You can also create a theme by decorating the canopies. After finishing your party, there won’t be that much work to do as pop up canopies is easy to dissemble also.

Shade for Plants

If you have a little garden outside your house and there are certain plants which require shade then you can use a pop-up canopy. There are some plants which cannot survive if they are exposed to sunlight for a longer period. So you need to create shades for them from time to time. You just can set a pop-up canopy and place those plants under it.


Last but not the least, a great use of pop up canopy is to use them as a temporary storage place. If there is an extreme weather going and there are many things outside your home, for time being you can store them inside your pop up canopy. Even if it cannot provide the best protection for the materials, it can obviously reduce the harm.

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