Beach Shelter – Should You Go For Beach Umbrella, Beach Canopy, Beach Tent or Pop Up Tent?

Alright, so you are confused at this moment. You don’t know if you should go for a beach umbrella, a canopy or a tent. You have a pop-up tent too at the back of your mind and you are wondering if that can be a valid option for your situation.

Here’s a guide to take care of all that for you. We will be talking about all sorts of beach shelters today so that you end up choosing the right one.

Just a quick note before we get into the meat of the article, they all are good options. Yes, that’s right. Whether it is a beach umbrella or a pop-up tent, they all are good and that’s the reason that why they sell. Now, the question, however, is, whether they are good for your current situation. That’s what we are going to address in today’s article.

Beach Umbrella

Beach umbrellas are great for shorter occasions. What do we mean by that? Let’s assume you will be going to the beach for an hour or two in every other week. Beach umbrellas are great for that. They are quick, they are easy to carry and they are cheap. These are benefits that you will not find in the other categories that we will talk about.

Also, if you are confused about whether the beach will be one of your most favorite places or not, then a good idea would be to go with the beach umbrellas. They are a safe bet in most situations and you will not lose much if you go for them.

There’s another benefit of umbrellas that people don’t talk about. On a rainy day, you can actually use a beach umbrella for regular purposes if you are choosy about which one to buy in the first place. You can also use them without any issues at the back of your home or beside the pool if you want.

Beach Canopy

The next option for you is to go for a beach canopy. The first suggestion from us would be not to get one if it is only for yourself. Someone alone shouldn’t require a beach canopy in most situations.

Canopies will obviously offer you a lot more shade than a beach umbrella but they will cost more and they are slightly harder to set up than a regular umbrella. If you are serious about buying a canopy, the first thing that you need to think about is the size. Is it for two of your kids? Is it for the whole family?

The bigger it is, the harder it would be to carry around, and obviously, the smaller it is, the lighter the whole process of carrying and cleaning would be. Most canopy companies will sell canopies based on the people count.

Simply tell them how many people you want to fit in that unit and they will suggest an option. Nobody uses tape measures for canopies anyways. The other thing that you need to consider if going for a beach canopy, is the price.

They are costly and the cost can widely vary depending on the model, the brand, and the size you are going for. We would also recommend that you read as many user reviews as you can before finally choosing one.

Beach Tent

Now, are all those the same? What is the difference between a canopy and a tent? That’s a good question. Where the difference between an umbrella and a canopy or tent is obvious, it is not when it comes to a canopy and a tent.

The major difference between a canopy and a tent is the usage time. Where a canopy is designed for short-term usage, a tent is for longer terms. A tent is something that you can use to stay in even for days if required. Canopies are not that strong in-built quality and therefore, they will not last for days.

Of course, a tent is bigger than a regular canopy and a tent is also costlier than a canopy. If you are going for a tent, you should have a solid reason behind that. Most people who go for tents generally do that to accommodate a lot of people for an event, a party, or an outing that lasts for more than a day.

Unless you have one of these requirements, a beach tent might not be a good option. Unlike a canopy, you cannot really use a beach tent in your backyard or pool as they are too big for that. Also, beach tents will cost a lot more than canopies, however, they are very durable. Let’s talk about the cost too before we end this section.

As you can imagine, the cost will be a bit on the higher side though there are cheap options. If you are looking to use them for one time, try to go for one of the cheaper options, however, sticking to the high-end branded tents will give you durability.

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Pop Up Tent

pop-up tent is a quick fix for someone who doesn’t want to go for a tent but a canopy isn’t an option either. A pop-up tent doesn’t require heavy adjustments on the side to set it up.

They are easy to manage and carry around. A pop-up tent is going to be light and it will cost you a lot less than a proper tent. A pop-up tent, however, isn’t the most durable option when you think about it. In the end, it is completely up to your situation on what option to choose.

As we said in the introduction, they all are good options for different situations and if you are not sure about your requirements and your specific situation, going with a simple pop-up tent or an umbrella might be a good choice as these options will not milk your bank.

We wish you all the best in your search for a beach canopy (or a tent). We haven’t talked about basic factors such as the color and material as they don’t have a high impact on the quality of your chosen item.

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