What Is The Best Way To Clean A Tent?

You are off on a camping trip for a few days, but you know the kids are going to get the tent filthy on the very first night, how do you clean it? Other than taking the tent down and airing it out or putting it in the washing machine there are some tricks and cleaning techniques you can use to maintain the cleanliness while the tent is up and inhabited. 

I’m going to share with you my top tent cleaning tips that are quick and easy, along with ways you can stop your tent from getting filthy. These suggestions won’t leave you pulling your hair out with frustration every time sand and dirt are sprinkled all over your lovely, clean tent. 

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Seam Sealing 

Prevention is better than cure, right? A seam sealer is great for stopping rain and groundwater penetration, stopping any internal dirt from turning into mushy mud. 

  1. Sealant should be applied on the roof seams and onto the lower ground seems for the best result. 
  2. Seal the inside and outside of the seems to keep it watertight.
  3. Apply multiple thin layers of the sealant onto the seams. This will work a lot better at keeping water out than applying one thick layer of treatment. 

Using Ground Cloth

Before you set up your tent, apply a ground cloth where you want the base of your tent to be. Using ground cloth will stop the tent floor from seeping in dirty water during a heavy rainfall. 

Ground cloths should be cut a little bit smaller than the tent itself so that none of the ground cloth is visible. If you let the ground cloth protrude from the tent, water will collect under the the floor and pool.

Fibre Cloths 

The best way of getting dirt and muck off the walls is with a damp microfiber cloth. Most tents are made of water-resistant material and when they are scrubbed with a damp microfiber cloth, stains and mud will slide off. 

Placing a Mat in the Tent

If you are going to be camping for a week or longer, placing a mat on the floor of the tent so that the mud is stomped all over the mat and not on the floor of the tent. The best mats to use are beach mats, they are easy to wipe down and very reasonably priced. 


Now that you know how to keep moisture out of the tent, any dirt that comes in shouldn’t be muddy or sticky. Vacuuming is the quickest way to clean your tent without breaking a sweat doing so. Hey, the kids might even offer a helping hand!

Here are 15 vacuum cleaners that are all under $200 that would do the job brilliantly. They are all portable and suitable for use in your home and on the road. Better yet, they are affordable and easy to operate. Result!   

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