9 Tips for Camping With Kids


Camping will always be one of the best outdoor activities which you and your family can enjoy together. It is the perfect getaway for the whole family where you can take a break from your hectic work schedule and your kids can take a break from school and hopefully their cell phone screens!

But before you pack your bags and head to the next camping site, there are a few things to keep in mind. As fun as the whole idea of camping can be, you might be faced with some unwanted situations if you do not plan ahead of time.

To help you make the best of your time with your precious little ones and to make sure that you enjoy the safest and best camping adventures every time you visit the great outdoors, we have compiled 9 of the best camping tips for you.

So spare some minutes and read the following tips that could save you a lot of hassle later on.


Make a Check List – Everything needs prior planning and camping is no different. A crucial part of planning is creating a check list to ensure that you have all the necessary items for your trip.

You will need to double check your check list and make sure that you have everything starting from tents to cell phone chargers to drinking water. Check with your kids and see if there is anything they would like to take along too.


Learn some safety precautions and teach your kids too– We all love roasting marshmallows on a camp fire but not many of us know what to do in case of a fire accident. Read about and practice some fire safety rules and also carry a fire extinguisher with you.

As this is a family trip, involve your children in everything you do and you will be surprised at how responsible they can be.


Carry a First Aid Kit– We are hoping that no one will get sick on the trip but it doesn’t cost to be prepared for the worst. A first aid kit should be on the top of your list of things to take along.

Be sure to add items like antibiotic creams, bandages, scissors, thermometers and maybe some medications for the common conditions like food poisoning, allergies and headaches.

You are lucky if there is a clinic nearby but with kids around you should not be leaving the house without a proper medical kit.


Carry the right kind of food– Bringing along the right kind of food can save you and your family a lot of hassle and time. Do not carry food items that go off fast because without a fridge storing certain kinds of food can be difficult.

You must also try to avoid leaving any strong smelling food out in the open as that can attract animals such as bears. Of course you will need to have a cooler box to keep your food fresh and cold so don’t forget to add lots of ice. We also recommend more dry food as they are easier to store.


Plan some entertainment for the car– Kids can be restless and if your chosen camping site is far from your home then chances are your kids will get bored in the car. To avoid boredom, tantrums and bad moods from ruining your trip even before you get to the location give your kids something to do in the car.

You could get them some fun audio books or games to play in the car. This way you can keep the spirit up all throughout the journey and also make the journey seem shorter.


Do not forget to pack your mosquito repellent– Another extremely important item for camping and any outdoor trip actually is the mosquito repellent. No matter how beautiful the scenery, you are bound to be visited by annoying mosquitoes, especially at night.

Not only are the bites annoying, but they can be harmful for you and your children. Take along as much protection as you can from bugs and mosquitoes. We recommend creams, sprays and even nets if possible.


Decide on all the activities before hand– Camping may be a time to rewind with your family but you don’t want it to be just about lazing around the camp or watch your kids run around.

If you want to make the best memories from the trip then have some activities planned out which you can do there. But remember to also allow your kids some free time to do as they please (even if it means just running around the tent and chasing butterflies)


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Have multiple sources of lighting– Depending on the site you camp on, you will need to pack some extra lighting tools to be on the safe side. Charger lights, torches and even bug repelling lights are great essentials. You may also want to charge all your devices the night before you travel so that you are well prepared.


Book your camping sites in advance– Popular sites are usually fully booked by campers 3 to 6 months in advance, especially during the holidays when most families plan these camping trips. If you do not want to upset your kids by missing out on their favorite camping site then you must book before it is too late.


Wrap Up!

We certainly hope that you enjoyed reading this post just as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. There are endless tips on how you can plan the best camping trip ever but the above 9 are some of the most important ones.

Remember that safety and comfort should be your first priority when taking your kids camping and every step should be taken carefully to ensure that things go smooth during your trip. Prior planning is key here.

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