The Ultimate Camping Guide for Beginners

If you think that camping means just setting your tent in a beautiful spot, then you need to know a lot of things about camping my friend. Before you start your camping, you have to make sure a lot of factors so that you can make the best of your camping experience.

In this era of the internet, when we are all busy with our gadgets, camping can be a great way to see life in a different way. A great experience of camping can retrieve your energy and can also bring a lot of positivity in your life.

However, all of these can be possible only when you have a wonderful time at your camping. To make your camping one of the memorable time of your life we have come up with this ultimate guide. Here you will get to know all the essential matters related to camping.

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Where and When to Go

First thing first, you need to decide where you want to go for your camping and when you are planning to go. This is the first step of any kind of planning. According to this, you can plan for your next steps and it also important to get an idea about your budget.

While deciding about, where to go you can choose from different options. For example, you can go for campsite camping, wild camping. Every area has some places where people will have on-site camping facilities. Campsite means you are going to a popular site for camping where you will meet other campers and you will have some common facilities like showers, washroom, playgrounds etc.

Whereas, wild camping is something going out for a non-sanctioned campsite. As a beginner, we will suggest that don’t try anything extreme at your first time. it is better if you go for a campsite camping to get an idea about camping.

It is very important that when you are going for your camping. Based on the weather you need to plan your activities. Winter camping or camping in rain requires a lot of extra essentials. The best time to go camping is in Autumn when it is neither too hot nor too cold and the chances of rain are also less.

Size of the Tent

After you decide your location and time of your camping it is time to decide the size of the tent you need. And to decide that you have to take consideration the number of people who are going with you or will be there with you in the camp.

There is 2 person tent, 4 person tent even 9-10 person tent. The more the people the bigger the size of your tent. If you are going to a large group, then you also need to find out whether your campsite allows to have a large group or not.

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If you search for camping equipment you will get hundreds of lists with thousands of products on the list. It is very obvious, by seeing all of these checklists you will be totally confused, and you may end up with a lot of things in your camp which you don’t need. Therefore, we have made a simple and basic checklist for you.

  • Tent: The obvious and the very first thing that you need for your camping is a good high quality tent.
  • Sleeping bag: A good sleeping bag to have a sound sleep in your travel
  • Cooking materials: If you are going for a long camping and you do not want to run out of foods then you need to carry some basic cooking items which will help you to make your meals. With cooking items, you also need to take washing material, tin openers, and food storage bags.
  • Safety Items: For safety, you must bring a lamp, sunscreen, umbrella, knife, insect repellent, first aid box, lights with batteries. If you are following any personal medications, then don’t forget to take that. Have a good padlock to keep lock your bag.
  • Bin bags: It is very important that you keep your tent and the whole campsite neat and clean. Bin bags are not only useful for keeping your waste organize but you can use these to keep your food dry and protected.

That’s it. You don’t need to bring anything extra from these items. You can obviously take some other items if you feel there is a need. But don’t just add random stuff in your backpack, otherwise, it will be a mess and you have to carry a lot of weight unnecessarily.

It is always best to have a checklist. When you have to make a proper checklist for your camping then you won’t miss any of your essential items and you will also won’t take unimportant items with you. Try to make your list weeks before your camping, so that you have enough time to think about.


Invest in a good waterproof tent. Always look out for the tents which are great for waterproofing. If you have no experience of camping before, then you don’t have any idea how a heavy rain can totally ruin your whole camping time. therefore, we cannot say how important it is.

Moreover, you need to have arrangements to waterproof your valuable and electronic items. You need to carry a lot of dry bags where you can store your electronic items. Some tents usually have multiple storage places, still, keep some extra dry bags with you.


Don’t just randomly put your clothes into your backpack. You need to consider the weather, the location before you plan for clothing. First of all, try to bring lose and light clothes if you are going in summer.

However, one thing that you must need to bring no matter what is the weather is a waterproof jacket. Just in the previous point, we have discussed that it is so important that you keep your tent and belongings waterproof. Just like that, you need to keep yourself waterproof, because you don’t know when it is going to rain.

The jacket should be made with waterproof material like Gore-tex lining, not just water-resistant material. Apart from these, always go for comfortable clothing. You don’t have to look smart and classy in your camp days. You will sweat a lot and to have a casual look is the best look for your camping days. Last but not least, don’t forget to get a sun hat.


Just like clothing, you need to be thoughtful about your shoes. As you have to walk a lot you must bring your most comfortable show not the most beautiful one. Always carry a long boot which will keep you away from mud and will keep your feet also waterproof.

Food for Camping

Plan easy and simple cooking meals for your camping. There are many easy one-pot camping meals recipes available which you can try in your camping. These recipes are easy to make and also very healthy. Remember, try to bring more food than you eat usually.

As you will be outside the whole time and will do a lot of tasks you will get hungry more often. Therefore, you have to intake larger protein meals. As there will be less space in the cooler, even there is a chance you don’t have a cooler that’s why to bring more vegetarian meals and cured meats which last for a longer period.

Make sure you are hydrated in your camping. Bring a reusable personal drinking bottle with you.

As a beginner, you may do some mistakes at your first camping. It is very normal. However, we have still tried to help you by mentioning these main points which will guide you at your camping.

There are some other important tips that can make need to follow on your camping. Arrive at the camping site in the morning or in daylight basically. Setting up your tent in dark is a difficult task even for an experienced camper. So, make sure you are not arriving late.

Another important issue, keep the site clean and keep your noise down. Make sure you leave the place just like it was before you went there. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that not only you but others also came to the place for relaxation, so you need to keep your volume down. Make your camping and other camping an awesome one.

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