E-Z UP SR9104BL Sierra II 10 by 10-Feet Canopy Review

Quality matters a lot when you purchase a canopy tent. You never know how much the unit will last anyway, but the reality is that investing in a very professional and reliable canopy tent can definitely work to your own advantage in the long term.

The best part about using the E-Z UP SR9104BL Sierra II Canopy is that this is a brand canopy tent focused on delivering a really good quality. And yes, you get to see all of that right away, which does help make the entire experience a whole lot better for you in the end.

Very light and convenient

The E-Z UP SR9104BL Sierra II 10 by 10-Feet Canopy was created with convenience in mind. They did a very good job at offering you all the help you need for your outdoor experience. The fact that the unit is light does come in handy, since you have a lot more control over the entire experience.

And yes, the fact that the unit is very light does offer some advantages too. You can carry it around without hassle. That delivers a much better portability and the value on its own can definitely be worth it to say the least.

Easy to install

As you can see, the E-Z UP SR9104BL Sierra II 10 by 10-Feet Canopy, Blue is a rather minimalist canopy tent. You don’t have some extraordinary extra features, but what you do get is second to none. The experience that comes from using this unit is really good, and it can offer you a tremendous set of benefits in the long term.

At the same time, they made it very easy for you to avoid any complications as you install it. The process is quick, reliable and it does bring in front some really interesting features as you go along.

It’s not the ultimate experience that you can get on the market, but it’s rather close to that. It really goes to show how amazing the outcome can really be, so try to take that into consideration and you will be very happy with the outcome.

Fire resistance

Yes, the E-Z UP SR9104BL Sierra II 10 by 10-Feet Canopy, Blue has a fire resistant fabric. That definitely makes it stand out, because it’s one of the better options on the market. The fabric also blocks around 99% of the UV rays too, which is quite an astonishing experience for you to enjoy.

It’s a distinct approach and one that you are bound to enjoy a lot in the end. That being said, there are always going to be some challenges that you need to address. But with a fire resistant fabric, the possibilities are limitless.

Great to use

The E-Z UP SR9104BL Sierra II 10 by 10-Feet Canopy, Blue is rather easy to install. You have all the stuff you need for the installation process in the unit’s package. And using it is rather easy too.

Since this is a rather light unit, you are free to adjust it in any way you want and that definitely comes with its own set of benefits, so you should try to check this out the best way you can.

It’s important to weigh down your shelter or stake it. This will bring you a much better experience and control, so use that to your own advantage.

Water resistance

The unit is water resistant and that does come in handy. However, as soon as you see that it starts raining, you should start disassembling the unit. Yes, it does resist against water, but you can’t really expect this in the long term, that’s definitely something you need to take into consideration.


It’s safe to say that the E-Z UP SR9104BL Sierra II 10 by 10-Feet Canopy, Blue does a great job at offering water and fire resistance. The unit is very easy to install, and the best part is that you can also get warranty for it too.

Plus, the ability to carry the unit around without issues is rather helpful, and it does come in handy most of the time. It’s a unique and fun experience to use the E-Z UP SR9104BL Sierra II 10 by 10-Feet Canopy, Blue, so try it out!

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