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Best Beach Tent for Babies in 2020 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

A baby beach tent is an exclusive safe shady place for your babies. A great beach tent should let your toddler relax, sleep, and play without getting sunburned or overheated. Therefore, investing in a high-quality beach tent will make your beach vacations stress free and more enjoyable for everyone.

We look at some of the top beach tents for babies in the market and bring you a rundown of their hits and misses.

Our Best Beach Tent for Babies Reviews and Comparisons

1. Schylling UV Play Shade

Product Highlights

This beach tent easily fits in a collapsible carry-on bag and when assembled provides enough space, privacy, and comfort to breastfeeding mothers. Its constructed of a waterproof material which makes it great for a day on the beach and when you need to hose it clean. Another useful aspect is its sand pockets which you can fill, to weigh it down on windy days.


The Schylling Infant Play Shade has all the desirable safety features and is suitable for babies from ages 1 month to 10 years old.

The tent with dimensions of 31″ x 51″ x 39″ is spacious and is really lightweight at just 2.9 pounds. It’s a popular tent option as it has a Sun protection factor (Spf) of 50+ UV.

The tent includes tie-down pegs, sand pockets, closed-in bottom, and air vents to provide stability as well as ventilation on windy beach days.

What We Like About Schylling UV Play Shade

Customers love the compact size which makes it super comfortable for transporting. This also a great option for providing privacy and comfort to breastfeeding mothers in public. The fabric protects babies from sunburns effectively.

What We Don’t Like About Schylling UV Play Shade

The stakes provided are of subpar quality and don’t stay in the sand causing the tent to lift.


  • UV protected
  • Suitable for kids aged 1 month – 10 years of age
  • Made of lightweight materials
  • Pop-up setup style


  • FUncomfortable for parents
  • Low-quality stakes

2. Monobeach Baby Beach Tent

Product Highlights

This is a great beach tent for babies has this has two pieces — the shade and the pool. The shade protects from the sun while the center pool can be dug into the sand and filled with water.

This gives your baby a safe option to splash around while giving you a little extra time to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand.


The Monobeach tent at 2 pounds is a collapsible lightweight option constructed of 50+ UV rating fabric. It comes with pegs to anchor the pool and shade down in the sand and it sets up automatically. To use the pool, you can dig a hole in the sand for the designated pool area and fill it with around one and a half gallons of water.

When the baby needs to nap you only need to re-position the tent to flat land. It also has a storage pocket as well as a curtain that can be used to close the tent off altogether.

This baby beach tent is a great option for children of ages at least 7 months old but no older than 3 years.

What We Like About Monobeach Baby Beach Tent

Customers love this dual-purpose lightweight tent and its engaging kid-friendly construction. The mesh curtains are great to prevent the indoors from getting too hot on the beach.

What We Don’t Like About Monobeach Baby Beach Tent

Some customers don’t like the extra bit of effort to get the pool function going and also claimed that it’s not great for babies that can’t sit up yet


  • Pool function
  • UV protection
  • FCollapsible carrying bag


  • Cleaning the tent takes time
  • Can be dangerous for unsupervised babies

3. Babymoov Beach Tent for Infants and Toddlers

Product Highlights

The Babymoov Tent features an SPF 50+ fabric and a pull-down mosquito net. It comes with a carry bag and is very spacious for both older babies and toddlers.


This tent has dimensions of 39″ L x 35″ W x 33″ H which provides your baby the perfect play place for your baby while protecting from the sun, wind, and other elements. Its setup and assembly are quick and easy, the anti-UV fabric is 50 SPF, and the mesh roll-up at the front prevents bugs, and allows for ventilation within the tent. The Babymoov comes with a lifetime warranty!

What We Like About Babymoov Beach Tent for Infants and Toddlers

We love the deep space it provides which is great for two 6-month old babies. It is really easy to fold and unfold and can easily fit into travel cases. Customers also liked the good sun protection it offers.

What We Don’t Like About Babymoov Beach Tent for Infants and Toddlers

Instructions manual and videos are not very clear and some customers found disassembling this a difficult task.


  • Protects against 99% of harmful UV-A, UV-B rays, sand, and wind
  • Pop Up system
  • Very spacious
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • FeUnclear instructions

4. Pacific Play Beach Tents for Infants

Product Highlights

These tents are perfect for kids aged 6 months to 2 years. Specially designed with fun colors, this tent will keep toddlers entertained and safely housed on the beach. The multiple mesh ventilation panels are a boon for both ventilation and giving you all the beautiful beach views.


While this is not a pop-up tent it can be easily assembled, collapsed, and stored. This play tent is 36″ wide and 36″ tall and weighs around 4 pounds which makes it a spacious, extremely portable option. Features that make this a great beach tent are its enclosed bottom, mesh sides, and a zip-able front for ventilation, panoramic views, and easy access into the tent. Constructed out of 30+ UV rated fabric, it is also made of easy-to-wash polyethylene fabric, making cleaning up messes really easy.

What We Like About Product Name

Customers love the colorful design options of this tent. Another favorite aspect is the panoramic mesh panels which provide protection, ventilation, and great views. The fabric is super easy to clean and makes this a preferred beach tent.

What We Don’t Like About Product Name

It doesn’t include stakes to anchor the tent and some customers have found it to be of poor quality and had a hard time putting it together.


  • 30+ UV protection
  • Washable floor
  • Lightweight
  • Well-ventilated


  • No stakes or sand pockets to hold it down

5. Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome

Product Highlights

This tiny tent features a retractable, full-enclosure canopy making it perfect for smaller babies. This tent provides contained playtime and secure naptime when you’re out on the beach.


This baby dome is a dual-purpose baby beach tent that can be used indoors and outside. Its a play space for baby, as well as a comfortable napping pod. On disassembling, it folds flat with handles making it super portable.

The beach tent features a breathable mesh fabric that completely encloses the baby protecting from bugs and the sun and allowing for air to circulate. The Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome includes detachable toys that are removable, keeping your toddler engaged.

What We Like About Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome

Customers love the dual functionality this baby dome provides for their babies and toddlers. The easy portability and zero-effort setup are favorite buying criteria for a lot of parents.

What We Don’t Like About Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome

This tent doesn’t provide adequate UV protection, so you’ll have to stock up sunscreen for your baby. Also, since it’s designed to only hold up to 20 pounds, so your baby might not be able to use it beyond the first year.


  • Dual-function
  • Well-ventilated
  • Easy to carry


  • No UV protection

6. Sunba Pop-up Beach Tent

Product Highlights

Another tent on our list which gives your toddler their own personal pool is the Sunba beach tent! Constructed from 50+ UV protection fabrics, this tent has two side pockets on the inside and a zip-able mesh window to provide ample ventilation. This also disassembles nicely into a small carrying case, making it perfect for the beach.


This tent is made from a breathable, water-repellent polyester that has 50+ UV protection. It also features mesh windows that provide ventilation.

It is extremely lightweight at just about two pounds making it extremely portable and super easy to clean. It has a pop-up setup mechanism and can be uninstalled in the same way and fits nicely into the circle-shaped carrying bag.

What We Like About Sunba Pop-up Beach Tent

Customers love that the elastic metal used in this specially-designed beach tent makes the setup super easy. The other customers’ favorite features are that its super compact and light-weight.

What We Don’t Like About Sunba Pop-up Beach Tent

Some customers found the instructions for uninstalling the tent unclear.


  • Opens quickly
  • UPF 50+
  • Good ventilation
  • Extended floor panel for your comfort


  • Unclear instructions on how to collapse it properly

7. NEQUARE Baby Beach Tent

Product Highlights

This great baby tent from NEQUARE is fully waterproof making it perfect for the beach. It is made from UPF 50+ fabric and is perfect for ages 2 months to 5-year olds.
The main highlight is the pool feature on the floor of the tent. This makes for a great play and snooze hole for your little one.


Specially designed with a mini pool at the bottom, two side pockets, and one zipper window, this is a perfect beach tent with a lot of privacy. It is a lightweight, portable tent that pops up and folds back easily into the pouch making your beach trip stress free.

Due to its detached sunshade made of special silver coated fabric, it is perfect to protect kids from the sun.
It features mesh windows that help keep the bugs out and creates a good cross-breeze. The strong four tent pegs provided will help keep the beach tent steady in the wind.

What We Like About NEQUARE Baby Beach Tent

The little pool feature is great and keeps children occupied safely. Customers like the design which gives extra ventilation. We like this tent because it easy to carry, easy to assemble and it is very lightweight too

What We Don’t Like About NEQUARE Baby Beach Tent

Some customers found the peg stakes provided to be not of great quality.


  • Lightweight
  • Pool feature
  • UV 50+ Rating


  • Takes a little effort to get the pool going

8. Aiernuo Pop-Up Baby Beach Tent

Product Highlights

This portable baby travel tent has a cool pod design with a UPF 50+ infant sun shelter. It has a pop-up folding setup and comes with two pegs to keep it steady in high winds.

This baby beach tent is ultralight and portable. This tent provides privacy with its two-way zippers. When unzipped, you have the mesh ventilation panels to keep your baby bug free.


Made of high premium 190T nylon fabric, this tent has dimensions of 41.34″x 25.59″x 19.69″ which can comfortably house a toddler and an adult. The highly breathable and wear-resistant fabric provides protection from UV and high-quality net from bugs and sand.

Each tent comes with a storage bag and two plastic pegs that you can use to anchor the tent down. It is lightweight and a portable travel beach tent, quick and easy to setup.

What We Like About Aiernuo Pop-Up Baby Beach Tent

The easy setup and fold back are a favorite customer’s feature on this tent. Another thing that we like is the two-way zippers on the high-quality mesh panels.

What We Don’t Like About Aiernuo Pop-Up Baby Beach Tent

Some customers didn’t find it spacious enough.


  • Ultralight design
  • Portability
  • High-quality mesh panels
  • UPF 50+ fabric


  • Feature1
  • Feature2
  • Feature3

9. OMAKE Pop Up Beach Tent for Baby

Product Highlights

This automatic setup tent is a spacious and roomy beach tent that can easily fit you and your twins. This is a great pocket-friendly option for mothers with twins as it has plenty of room not only now, but can be used well into the future as they grow.

It can be easily carried around as it as carrying a weight of five pounds.
The tent has multiple window and door openings, which are all lined with mesh and made of materials that are waterproof and UPF 50+.


The tent size is 95 x 71 x 39 inches with a center height of just under 3 ½ feet. It has an easy and quick setup and it literally opens itself in seconds. It does a great job of ventilation and keeps bugs away with its two mesh doors, two mesh windows, and an extra big mesh roof sky window. It is constructed of a durable 190T PU-coated silver polyester fabric that’s waterproof and provides UPF 50+ Sun Protection.

What We Like About ZOMAKE Pop Up Beach Tent

Customers love the pop-up functionality which works great and is fast. Another delightful feature of this tent is how spacious it is.

What We Don’t Like About ZOMAKE Pop Up Beach Tent

Some customers found the collapsing mechanism to be faulty and not working.


  • Large space
  • Portable and small
  • High-quality UV protection


  • Difficult to collapse down

10. Wilwolfer Beach Tent Outdoor Cabana

Product Highlights

This is a decent-sized baby beach tent comfortable for a child and an adult or two children. It’s made of 190T silver-coated polyester Oxford fabric providing a UV 50+ protection.
A mesh panel allows for ventilation and keeps the sand and bugs away. It also has a storage bag on the side for all your essentials.


At 2 pounds this is one of the lightest and most spacious tents featuring a new fiberglass frame. This makes it safe, durable, and rust-free.

Comfortable for 3-4 people this tent provides 50+ UV protection is made of water-resistant fabric. It has meshes on three sides that provide excellent ventilation. This tent setups in and easy to fold down and packed into a roomy portable carrying bag. This tent comes with a set of six nails and four ropes to make it windproof.

This tent also has a market-leading 18-month warranty.

What We Like About Wilwolfer Beach Tent Outdoor Cabana

This tent provides perfect space for toddlers to play in and great privacy for mothers to nurse in. This is also quite portable and lightweight.

What We Don’t Like About Wilwolfer Beach Tent Outdoor Cabana

Some customers found the instruction manual not helpful and found the folding away process tedious.


  • Great sun protection
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight materials


  • Unsuitable for rugged weather conditions
  • Unclear instructions

Final Verdict

After comparing the features of the 10 market leaders in beach tents for babies, we hope you’ve gained some clarity for your next beach vacation purchase.
If you’d ask us, then we’d probably be heading to the beach with the Sunba beach tent as it provides excellent ventilation, is very spacious and provides extra legroom for adults to be close enough to the toddlers.

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